«A big thank you to The Place for helping me make informed decisions on my future university plans. The office is a spacious, modern building and their central location makes it incredibly easy to get to. A special thank you to Ms. Glasenberg, whose many qualities I discovered in a short time. Ms. Glasenberg is a truly caring person who is genuinely interested in your future and wants to help in whatever way she can. Her wide span of knowledge and experience allows her to work with great efficiency. Although I only worked with Ms. Glasenberg, I have heard many positive things from friends regarding the other tutors at The Place.

Thank you The Place and Ms. Glasenberg!!»

«Ms. Glasenberg inspired me to aim higher and try harder at each step of the college application process and that push helped me get into my dream school! Ms. Glasenberg's focused approach to getting work done is something I admire and often apply in daily tasks.

I would highly recommend Ms. Glasenberg for anybody who wants help in getting into their dream school!

Thank you very much once again Ms. Glasenberg! 😊»


From Parents

«I would like to thank you for your exceptional support and for your empathy for our child.» 

Grade 11 Parent

«We just wanted you to know we are grateful and relieved that you are there for us and that you understand without the need to explain.»

Grade 11 Parent

«As a parent, I can really recommend using Elana's services. She develops great empathy with the students.»


From Students

«My two years at this school would have been way harder without you!  I knew that if I had a problem inside or outside school I could count on you.»

Grade 12 Student


Dreikönigstrasse 55, 8002 Enge, Zurich, Switzerland

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